Steve Forbert Discography

Alive On Arrival / Jackrabbit Slim
(Special Anniversary Edition)

Jackrabbit Reissue

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Disc One: Alive On Arrival
Goin' Down To Laurel
Steve Forbert's Midsummer Night's Toast
What Kinda Guy?
It Isn't Gonna Be That Way
Big City Cat
Grand Central Station, March 18, 1977
Tonight I Feel So Far Away From Home
Settle Down
You Cannot Win If You Do Not Play
It's Been A Long Time (Alive On Arrival outtake)
House of Cards (Alive On Arrival outtake)
Song For The South (Alive On Arrival outtake)
Steve Forbert's Moon River (Alive On Arrival outtake)
Lonesome Cowboy Bill's Song (Alive On Arrival outtake)

Disc Two: Jackrabbit Slim
Romeo's Tune
The Sweet Love That You Give (Sure Goes A Long, Long Way)
I'm In Love With You
Say Goodbye To Little Jo
Make It All So Real
Sadly Sorta Like A Soap Opera
January 23-30, 1978
The Oil Song (from Disc One; "Jackrabbit Slim" Outtake)
Make It All So Real ("Jackrabbit Slim" Alternate Take)
Witch Blues ("Jackrabbit Slim" Outtake)
Oh, Camille ("Jackrabbit Slim" Outtake)
Smokey Windows ("Jackrabbit Slim" Outtake)
Poor Boy ("Jackrabbit Slim" Outtake)
Romeo's Tune (Live In NYC 11/24/1979)

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