Steve Forbert Discography

Evergreen Boy (2000)

Evergreen Boy

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Something's Got a Hold on Me
She's Living in a Dream World
Evergreen Boy
Rose Marie
Now You Come Back
Your Own Hero
Late Winter Song
Breaking Through
It Doesn't Matter Much
Listen to the Mockingbird
Trusting Old Soul
"Any Old Time" (2002)

"Any Old Time"

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Waiting on a Train
My Blue Eyed Jane
Why Should I Be Lonely?
Any Old Time
Ben Dewberry's Final Run
Miss the Mississippi and You
Blue Yodel #9 (Beale & Main)
Gambling Barroom Blues
Desert Blues
Train Whistle Blues
My Rough and Rowdy Ways
My Carolina Sunshine Girl

Steve's tribute to Jimmie Rodgers.
Grammy nominated album in the 2004 Traditional Folk Album category!
Just Like There's Nothin' To It (2004)

Just Like There's Nothin' To It

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What It Is Is a Dream
Wild as the Wind (a tribute to Rick Danko)
The Change Song
The World Is Full of People
Autumn This Year
I Just Work Here
There's Everybody Else (And Then There's You)
Oh, Yesterday
I Married a Girl
The Pretend Song
I'm in Love
About a Dream
Strange Names & New Sensations (2007)

Strange Names & New Sensations

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Middle Age
Strange Names (North Jersey's Got 'em)
Simply Spalding Gray
Man, I Miss That Girl
You're Meant For Me
I Will Sing Your Praise
Something Special
My Seaside Brown-Eyed Girl
The Baghdad Dream
Thirty More Years
Around The Bend
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