Four and a Half Foot Moccasin From Tennessee

I drove over to the Episcopal church to vote in the state elections Thursday and was standing in line listening to two older Tennessee fellas talking about some of the local wildlife.

It seems a mysterious, orange, dog-like animal was finally identified from a photograph as being a fox with a bad case of mange.

Then one of them asked about the four and a half foot moccasin.

I moved a step cl

It seems the other man had been out weed whacking around his property a week ago and on this particular day had decided to wear his high boots instead of his usual sneakers.

While whacking away he felt a solid zap on the back of his right boot.

"I went queasy" he said. "I knew exactly what it was."

He turned around and let the weed whacker do its work, thus terminating the viper.

He said he wanted to preserve it for the grandkids to see, but decided to just cut it open. Inside he found a big frog and two small snakes. Copyright 2014.  All Rights Reserved.